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Highly effective leaders guide, assist and coach their team members. Successful leaders learn to establish trust among team members & spend time developing them.

  • Is your team committed to a common goal?
  • What is the impact of your leadership style on team performance?
  • Is there any difference between a Manager and a Leader?
  • Does your team trust you?
  • Do you mentor & coach your team?

Triune Global signature programs on Leadership:


Results-oriented sales professionals use a structured approach to handle any customer-facing situation to their advantage. A consultative selling process designed for B2B sales scenarios aimed at enabling sales professionals to engage productively with their customers.

  • Does your sales team operate like ‘Salesmen’ or like ‘Consultants’?
  • How often does your sales team struggle to position ‘Value’ to the customers?
  • Are you struggling with ‘low’ productivity and long ‘sales cycle’ time?
  • Is your sales team good at handling customer objections?

Triune Global signature program for Sales:

Behavioral Skills

Job related skills are a must, however ‘Soft Skills’ are required to execute them. Soft Skills enable employees to be proactive and to communicate effectively with team members.

Outbound Learning

Use outdoor activities to challenge your team’s creative thinking and ability to work together in informal settings. Uncover hidden talents and leadership skills in every individual. Push individuals to the limit and help them discover themselves.

Psychometric Assessments

Businesses and Individuals face substantial challenges in a rapidly changing world; challenges in meeting new expectations of work and personal life, of the increasingly changing living standards in the next decade and beyond.

There is an urgent need to understand, and thus measure, where we stand, and prepare to reach where we deserve to be. Hiring right people, managing them well and enabling them to deliver outstanding results have become inevitable. Performance measurement and management, competency mapping, building teams and so on have never been as critical as they are today.

In association with OMI (Oscar Murphy International), we offer a wide range of comprehensive, time tested, proven, scientific and objective measurement tools. These tools are designed to give a kaleidoscopic insight into behaviors, attitudes, competency, motivation and perceptions, which have a major impact on the bottom line performance across profiles. The outcomes offer actionable insights into areas of improvement.

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