About Us

With a passion to inspire others, we started our humble beginning in Jan 2011.

"Inspiring You" forms the essence of all our learning sessions where, training programs are designed and developed by a team of industry experienced professionals, in consultation with our customers.

Experiential learning through role-plays and interactive sessions help participants apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Our Philosophy

At Triune Global, three objectives form the underlying philosophy driving all our learning initiatives - NURTURE, GROW, and STRENGTHEN.

Nurture- Employee aspirations for growth through improved skills.

We understand that technical skills alone cannot get employees to achieve growth within their organization. We enable employees to develop their behavioral skills through psychometric assessments, 1-on-1 coaching, and personal excellence workshops to nurture their aspirations for growth.

Grow- Employee confidence for higher productivity.

Higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ) alone doesn’t make employees grow within the organization. Having good Emotional Quotient (EQ) is extremely important. Our behavioral sessions (Leadership, Consultative Selling, Emotional Intelligence, etc.) enable employees to improve their productivity at their workplace.

Strengthen- Employee commitment for organizational excellence.

A motivated employee whose aspirations have been nurtured through enhanced behavioral skills, and whose emotional quotient has been improved through coaching will be more committed and productive in the workplace.

Trainer Profile

Hardy Alexander, Founder & Director of Triune Global is a seasoned professional with over 23 years experience across various industries including manufacturing, logistics, digital marketing and learning & development in large MNCs such a FedEx Express and INDAL.

A metallurgical engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela and a postgraduate from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai, Hardy combines his industry experience with his passion to inspire people around him.

Hardy has completed the Certified Coach program from NeuroLeadership Group, UK, Emotional Intelligence Coach program from Six Seconds, USA and Psychometric Assessment certification from Oscar Murphy International, IN. He has over 100 hours of coaching experience.


The company name TRIUNE originated from the word ‘Trinity’ signifying the co- existence of 3-in-1. According to Christianity, Triune God signifies the co- existence of The Father (God Almighty), The Son (Jesus Christ) and The Holy Spirit. Similarly, in Hindu mythology, Trimurti signifies the three figures Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Preserver) and Shiva (The Destroyer). Ancient Egyptians believed the right angle triangle represented their form of the Trinity with the hypotenuse being the child God Horus, the upright side being the sacred feminine goddess Isis, and the base being the male Osiris.

The company logo, a trefoil knot, resembling a triangle (Trinity) was chosen to signify stability, self-discovery, revelation, progression, direction and purpose. In topology, a branch of mathematics, the trefoil knot is the simplest example of a nontrivial knot.